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North Wales bouldering blitz by Robins

16 January, 2017

Ahead of the new North Wales Bouldering guidebook, Pete Robins has waged a prolific campaign of first ascents. Last week he added two grade 8’s to his already impressive tally of over a 100 new problems in the past two years alone.

Stellar new Ogwen highball 8A/+

24 September, 2016

James McHaffie has climbed a striking highball arete, that is up there with the best of north Wales’ boulder problems. The Devil’s Blade (8A/+), is situated in a fine mountain setting, on an isolated block at the back of Cwm Idwal.

Next level from Megos in Parisella's Cave

12 June, 2016

Over two afternoons in north Wales, Alex Megos left local Parisella Cave dwellers standing in awe as he climbed five 8B's, and a new 8B+ link-up with Louis Armstrong into Halfway House.

Alex Megos on living the dream

24 June, 2015

Even by Alex Megos' standards he has had an amazing 2015 and we're only half-way through it. Kicking off in late January with Lucid Dreaming (V15/8C), he continued to make the headlines as he visited Japan and Australia. Now back home in the Frankenjura, and having had time to catch his breath, we asked Alex a few questions.

Guntram Jörg's UK visit

17 March, 2015

Guntram Jörg was recently over in the UK for a few days . He made the most of his first visit competing at CWIF, climbing on the grit and in north Wales.

8A for Jemma Powell

29 December, 2014

Jemma Powell rounded off her Christmas nicely with an ascent of the Llanberis Pass 8A problem, Stoned Temple Pilots. This puts Jemma firmly in a select group of women who have climbed Font 8A or above in the UK.

Susten and Grimsel Pass Bouldering

20 November, 2014

Video by Petra and Heiko Queitsch of bouldering in the high-alpine setting around the Susten and Grimsel Pass in central Switzerland.

Ropes of Maui: new 8B in the Pass

15 July, 2014

Pete Robins has added a new Font 8B to the Llanberis Pass, only the second at that grade in the valley, by climbing the obvious start from a sit-down at the foot of the hanging rib leading into Stoned Temple Pilots (8A) and finishing as for that problem.

Positron Traverse (V4) one-legged

01 April, 2014

A short film about a boulderer completing a V3/4 traverse wouldn't normally draw much attention. But it becomes the exception when a paraclimber does it with literally only one leg and no prosthetic limb.

New Year bouldering in Prilep

31 January, 2014

Peter Würth reports on his New Year trip to the granite bouldering area of Prilep in Macedonia.

Megos crushing down-under

24 October, 2013

Here are a couple of videos from Alex Megos' trip down-under… and lets just say he doesn't look weak.

Megos and the Wheel of Life

12 August, 2013

Back in July Alex Megos was making headlines again, this time with the fastest ascent to date of the world-famous problem, Wheel of Life V15, in Hollow Mountain Cave, Australia.

Megos sends Wales' ultimate problem

27 May, 2013

Visiting German climbing prodigy, Alex Megos, sends the acclaimed Porth Ysgo project, known locally as the 'Fred Nicole Roof', to give a contender for the hardest and one of the finest problems in Wales.

First ascent of Madame Allure 8B

18 April, 2013

Pete Robin's recently added a second top-quality 8B problem to the Ogwen Valley with his first ascent of Madame Allure. It takes the full-arete on the left edge of the Lily Savage block as a low-extension to what was originally climbed as Danny La Rue 7C+/8a.

Ben Bransby on Snowballing

05 April, 2013

An avalanche in the Peak District and warnings to walkers about cornices can only mean a lot of snow. Ben Bransby has been making the most of the exceptional late winter conditions with his snowball ascent of Superstition at Burbage North. He sent us this report with some background on the novelty of snowballing.

Megos fufills his American dream

01 March, 2013

Alex Megos and Peter Würth's USA road trip wound up in Hueco Tanks. In one memorable day Alex sent two V11's, a V12 and two V13's.

Isles of Wonder F.A. video

06 September, 2012

Video of Pete Robins' first ascent of Isles of Wonder, Font 8b, in the Ogwen Valley.

Ogwen Font 8B for Pete Robins

06 August, 2012

Pete Robins' perseverance paid off, when a brief easing of the rain let him snatch the first ascent of the Font 8b, Isles of Wonder, in the Ogwen Valley.

Orme projects fall to Robins

15 May, 2011

Pete Robins has been making the most of his Spring fitness with success on arguably the most visually compelling line in Parisella's Cave by linking Lou Ferrino into Bonnie giving a mega link-up reckoned to warrant V13/Font 8b. In Pigeon's Cave he has extended Stiff Upper Lip and Koo bumping their grades up to F8b and F7c respectively.