Megos crushing down-under

24 October, 2013

Here are a couple of videos from Alex Megos' trip down-under… and lets just say he doesn't look weak.

In Alex's words:

"In this first video I just put a selection of some boulders I climbed in the Grampians. I made a mixture of some classics, some newer problems and also one first ascent of me (Sultans of Swing). I have to apologize for the bad video quality. We filmed with three different cameras (and one was not really good) and I am not a pro, so I forgot to wait for the camera man to be ready. That’s why the first moves are missing sometimes or the camera is still trying to focus."
"But you know, we were all climbers and no camera mans, so we just had some fun playing around with the camera. It was not the aim to create a good video, instead we created a funny video. (Mostly funny because of the 'unprofessional' behaviour of climber, spotter and camera man). But just have a look at it and you will see… "
"The Wheel of Life is probably the most famous boulder in Australia and maybe also on earth. This was definitely one of the things I wanted to try out there. Luckily I was successful. I checked out the moves on my third day in Australia and it felt pretty good. I could directly climb the second half three times in a row, with just some minutes break in between. Two days later I went back to try the full line. Unfortunately, I fell three times in the first V11 (Sleepy Hollow). In my fourth go I passed that and were able to climb the Wheel of Life. Although I have the say, the rests and easier parts were the hardest and really close to falling sometimes."
More on the Wheel of Life.