Susten and Grimsel Pass Bouldering

20 November, 2014

Shortly after their wedding in August, Petra and Heiko Queitsch, headed off for some alpine romance and bouldering around the Susten and Grimsel Passes.

Asking Heiko for his recommended problems, he said: "This is a difficult one to answer, because many of the boulders, even some of the really good ones, are not named. But we would recommend Propellerhead (7C+) and its easier 7A right variant, as well as 3er Dyno (7a+), Marakesch (8A) and Loskot's Traumland (8a) at Sector Sustenbrüggli."

"Sector Steingletscher is a must visit bouldering venue. Even in case you don't like the boulders, the landscape is just so beautiful. From the boulder places you have an awesome view of the Steingletscher (Stone Glacier). Very nice problems there are Der König von Susten (7A+), Wrestling Moamor (7C) and Früchte des Zorns (8A)."

"At the Grimsel Pass there are a lot of nice boulder problems, but none of them have a name. Go out and have fun! There is a lot of potential for first ascents as well. There are two guide books: the SwissBloc guide of Harald and Ulrich Röker (Gebro-Verlag) and the Alpen en bloc - Band 1 (Susten Pass only).

Overnighting in car parks and lay-bys isn't allowed and is likely to result in a fine. There are two camping sites in Interlaken, between the Susten and Grimsel Pass, and there is also a camp site on the way to the Susten Pass. Being high mountain areas, just over 2000 metres, the best time to visit for bouldering is summer and autumn. Depending on the snow the Susten Pass can be closed until early summer.