Megos fufills his American dream

01 March, 2013
Alex Megos, The Feather V11, Hueco Tanks. © Vera Warmbrunn

Hueco Tanks, offering some of the finest bouldering in the States, was the final destination for Alex Megos and Peter Würth's American road trip.

While Peter only had five days there before having to fly back to Germany because of exams, Alex had just over three weeks in which to 'crush' as many of the classic problems as his skin would allow him.

One day in particular stood out for Alex in which he sent Power of Landjager (V11), Flower Power (V10/11), The Full Monty (V12), Crown of Aragorn (V13) and Crown Royale (V13). Other highlights included the famous Fred Nicole problem, Slashface (V13), and three other V13's (Font 8B) Terre de Sienne, Sôl Adûnâmentum and Nagual.

Alex said: "For the first few days we got used to the unique system of the State Historical Park with all its rules and regulations. The number of climbers allowed into the Park at anyone time is limited."

Alex Megos, Slashface V13, Hueco Tanks. © Adam Taylor

He added: "The sharp little crimps on the brown granite are tough on the finger-tips. Lots of good skin and core strength are definitely useful!"

When the trip came to an end on February 13th, Alex had achieved his dream of climbing a greater number of routes and problems graded F8a/Font 8A or harder, than days he'd spent in the States. His tally after 121 days in America was 135 8a/8A's or above. A successful road trip by anybody's standard. One that also included climbing F9a, flashing F8c+ and flashing V13/Font 8B. Chapeau!

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