Guntram Jörg's UK visit

17 March, 2015


Guntram Jörg
DMM climber, Guntram Jörg, was recently over in the UK for a few days. It was his first visit and although he's a man that is more likely to be found out on the rock than pulling on plastic, his trip began with joining the DMM team for CWIF (Climbing Works International Festival).

In the afternoon, following the CWIF qualifiers, he had time to enjoy the Plantation Boulders at Stanage and sample some classic grit problems, that included doing Brad Pit (7C) on his second attempt. After his weekend in Sheffield, it was off to Wales, for a look around DMM and some bouldering in the hills.

Diverting off the A55 for a quick climb in Parisellas Cave, Guntram flashed Rock Atrocity (7C) and got Lou Ferrino (7C+) second go. Up in the Llanberis Pass his ascents included: Diesel Power (8A), Corridors of Power (7C+), Mr Fantastic (7C+/8A from tourist start), Jerry's Roof (7B+ - flash from tourist start) and Bus Stop (7B+).

We asked Guntram a few questions about his time in England and Wales:

How was CWIF? Same atmosphere as competitions in Austria or do you not normally do competitions? I haven´t been climbing a lot the last year so I had no big expectations for this competition. In the end I just missed out on going through to the semi-finals and it was great to be part of the DMM team. Primarily I came to the UK to have a look at the boulders, the landscape and the DMM Factory.

Have you climbed on rock similar to grit before? After the morning qualifiers the weather was perfect and I could spend one really beautiful afternoon on the grit at Stanage. I was straight blown away and super motivated but just had less time to try every boulder I wanted to. Maybe the climbing is comparable to Albarracin or Font.

Was your tour of the DMM factory what you expected? I was very surprised by the location of the DMM factory and that they provide half the village jobs. You can feel and see how this company has grown there over a long time, and that they conduct all their work with passion. It was very interesting to see all the processes in the production of a carabiner and also to understand the steps needed to bring such a product to the market. After my visit I had the feeling that I'm proud to be a part of such a company.

I bet you were tired by the end of the four days. Overall, how did you feel about the trip? What made this trip really special was that I met really nice people. By the end of the trip I felt really accepted and I had the feeling that I'm really welcome to stay. If I get some free time in the next couple of years I really want to come back to the UK. Probably for the next CWIF :)

Here's Guntram's short video with some of his bloc highlights: