New Year bouldering in Prilep

31 January, 2014

Peter Würth reports on his New Year trip to the granite bouldering area of Prilep in Macedonia.

"This year I didn't go to Ticino over New Year's Eve as usual. Instead I went to Prileb in Macedonia with the Baden-Württemberg climbing team. We did spend the first two days in the already developed area, where I managed to climb the classic Predator 7C.

Predator 7C

Because of the fog in the lower areas we went to a new area close to the Treskavec Monastery which is about 600m higher elevated. In this area I did spend the rest of my ten day trip looking for new boulders and brushing new lines.

Because of the higher elevation we had some nice sunny days up there looking down on the clouds in the valley. Although the rock was not always super solid we found some pretty good boulders.

Publikumsjoker 7A

My highlight of the trip was a slightly overhanging boulder I found with powerful compression moves. After some brushing I managed to do the first ascent of Sea of Clouds 8A+. I also had a lot of fun repeating the new boulders found by the others and came back with a lot of nice impressions from a wonderful trip."

Sea of Clouds 8a+

Thanks to Axel and Jochen Perschmann for the photos. From top to bottom: Peter Würth in action on Predator 7c, Publikumsjoker 7A and Sea of Clods 8A+.