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Statement 10mm

The Statement is a durable single rope that is ideal for those who are new to the sport of climbing. Thermocontrol heat treatment gives supple handling and increased wear resistance. The Statement is available in 30 and 40m lengths that are perfect for use at climbing wall or on short outcrops.

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Single ropes are the most simple and lightweight rope systems for climbing. They can be used for any discipline, and are appropriate where protection follows a relatively straight line. If the route wanders, runners will need to be extended to prevent rope drag and prevent trad protection from lifting out.
Product NameProduct CodeColourDiameterLengthWeight (g/m)No. of UIAA FallsImpact Force% of SheathCertification
Statement RP102BL-30Blue 10mm30m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102BL-40Blue 10mm40m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102BL-50Blue 10mm50m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
StatementRP102BL-60Blue 10mm60m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102BL-100Blue 10mm100m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102BL-300Blue 10mm300m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102CO-30Copper10mm30m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102CO-40Copper10mm40m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102CO-50Copper10mm50m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102CO-60Copper10mm60m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
Statement RP102CO-100Copper10mm100m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
StatementRP102CO-300Copper10mm300m65g78.7kN38EN892:2012 + A1 2016
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