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Alpine ABS

Webbing construction allows the Alpine to withstand the high wear experienced in climbing walls and outdoor centres. It is highly adjustable to maximise the range of fit each size caters to.

ABS buckles allow quick and efficient fitting of the harness. They are captive and tamper proof, so cannot be undone by accident.A high tie in point helps keep climbers upright, and is colour coded to indicate harness size. Leg loops are also colour coded, making it easy for users to fit correctly first time.

Simple, rugged design and easy fitting make the Alpine ABS harness suitable for climbing walls and centres.

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Webbing harnesses are simple, light, and give a broad range of fit. They are ideal for climbing walls and outdoor centres. They also perform well in Alpine and scrambling environments, where low weight and small pack size are crucial.
Product NameProduct CodeColourSizeWeightWaist (in)Waist (cm)Legs (in)Legs (cm)Certification
Alpine ABS XS iDALPINEABSXS-IDBlack/BlueXS400g16-3540-9012-2830-70EN12277:2015 C
Alpine ABS iD ALPINEABS-IDBlack/GoldRegular405g16-4940-12516-2840-70EN12277:2015 C
Alpine ABS XL iD ALPINEABS-XL-IDBlack/RedXL425g24-5960-15020-3550-90EN12277:2015 C
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