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Accessory Cord

Accessory cords are available in 7 different diameters, ranging from 2-8mm. Each diameter is colour coded for easy identification. Useful for applications from prussic cord to tying a nut key to your harness.

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Product NameProduct CodeColourDiameterLengthWeight (g/m)Impact ForceCertification
Accessory CordRP002BL-100Blue/grey2mm100m2.1g/m0.5kN
Accessory CordRP003NA-100Navy/grey3mm100m6g/m2kN
Accessory CordRP004PR-100Purple/grey4mm100m10g/m4kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP005RD-100Red/grey5mm100m15g/m6kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP006OR-100Orange/grey6mm100m25g/m8kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP007YE-100Yellow7mm100m32g/m14kNEN 564:2006
Accessory CordRP008GR-100Green/grey8mm100m41g/m16kNEN 564:2006