• 8mm Dynatec Sling - green 30cm 8mm Dynatec Sling - green 30cm Dynatec 8mm Product Tour
  • 8mm Dynatec Sling - gold 60cm8mm Dynatec Sling - gold 60cm
  • 8mm Dynatec Sling - purple 60cm8mm Dynatec Sling - purple 60cm
  • 8mm Dynatec Sling - grey 120cm8mm Dynatec Sling - grey 120cm
  • 8mm Dynatec Sling - red 120cm8mm Dynatec Sling - red 120cm
  • 8mm Dynatec Sling - green 240cm8mm Dynatec Sling - green 240cm
  • 8mm Dynatec Sling - blue 240cm8mm Dynatec Sling - blue 240cm
  • 8mm Dynatec Sling - blue 400cm8mm Dynatec Sling - blue 400cm

Dynatec 8mm

These thin 8mm Dynatec slings are just as strong as their thicker variants. They can be used for narrow thread protection and to generally reduce weight.

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Product NameProduct CodeLengthColourWidthWeightStrengthCertification
8mm Dynatec SlingSP0830GR30cmGreen8mm10g22kNEN 566:2017
8mm Dynatec SlingSP0860GD60cmGold8mm19g22kNEN 566:2017
8mm Dynatec SlingSP0860PR60cmPurple8mm20g22kNEN 566:2017
8mm Dynatec SlingSP08120GY120cmGrey8mm35g22kNEN 566:2017
8mm Dynatec SlingSP08120RD120cmRed8mm35g22kNEN 566:2017
8mm Dynatec SlingSP08240GR240cmGreen8mm68g22kNEN 566:2017
8mm Dynatec SlingSP08240BL240cmBlue8mm68g22kNEN 566:2017
8mm Dynatec SlingSP08400BL400cmBlue8mm110g22kNEN 566:2017