Shadow (on 11mm Dynatec)

The Shadow Dynatec is a hybrid quickdraw that withstands high levels of wear without the weight penalty of a thick nylon sling. Shadow carabiners resist bolt damage and give easy clipping, while the Dynatec sling reduces weight.

The ideal quickdraw for hard sport onsighting, minimising sport rack weight, or for sport climbers who occasionally want to try trad.

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All-round range are mounted on 11mm Dynatec to give quickdraws that can be used for sport, trad or winter climbing. Full sized carabiners are easy to handle when pumped or wearing gloves, while 11mm Dynatec is lightweight and robust. If you want one set of quickdraws to cover all your climbing, go for all-rounders.
Product NameProduct CodeColourMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)DimensionsWeightGate Opening (X)Conformance
Shadow 12cm QuickdrawA306-12Silver/Gold/Titanium----95g-EN 12275:2013 B, EN 566:2017
Shadow 12cm Quickdraw - 5 PackA306-12P5Silver/Gold/Titanium----475g-EN 12275:2013 B, EN 566:2017
Shadow 18cm QuickdrawA306-18Silver/Grey/Titanium----97g-EN 12275:2013 B, EN 566:2017
Shadow 18cm Quickdraw - 5 PackA306-18P5Silver/Grey/Titanium----485g-EN 12275:2013 B, EN 566:2017
Shadow 25cm QuickdrawA306-25Silver/Grey/Titanium----100g-EN 12275:2013 B, EN 566:2017

Shadow product features

An overview of the features and benefits of the Shadow carabiners and quickdraws.

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