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Single wire lightweight nuts that increase your protection options. Halfnuts excel in shallow placements, pin scars and situations where every gram counts.

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Product NameProduct CodeColourDimensionsWeightStrengthCertification
Halfnut 1A1671APurple6.7 x 7.2mm104kNEN12270:2013
Halfnut 2A1672AGreen8.2 x 7.9mm104kNEN12270:2013
Halfnut 3A1673ASilver9.4 x 8.9mm156kNEN12270:2013
Halfnut 4A1674AGold11.0 x 9.9mm166kNEN12270:2013
Halfnut 5A1675ABlue13.2 x 11.3mm186kNEN12270:2013
Halfnut 6A1676ARed15.6 x 12.8mm216kNEN12270:2013
Halfnut 7A1677AGrey18.9 x 14.3mm226kNEN12270:2013
Halfnut Set 1-7A1671/77AAssorted6.7-18.9mm127g4-6kNEN12270:2013