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Brass Offsets

Brass Offsets are crucial for protecting small flared cracks, often fitting perfectly where nothing else will go. The brass used for the head of the nut is soft enough to bite into placements, but hard enough to resist deforming and pulling through. Wires are soldered directly into the nut head, allowing a thicker wire to be used and increasing overall strength. The colour coded swage gives easy size selection and allows the Brass Offset to self equalise when loaded, making the most of marginal placements.

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As climbs become harder, the need to make the most of all available protection increases. Micro protection lets you protect cracks which normal sized pieces would not fit. Having these wires on your rack gives you more options.
Product NameProduct CodeColourStrengthWeightRangeCertification
HB Brass Offset 0A1700Gold2kN4g3.7 / 5.5mmEN 12276:2013
HB Brass Offset 1A1701Blue4kN7g4.3 / 6.5mmEN 12276:2013
HB Brass Offset 2A1702Red5kN9g5.6 / 7.5mmEN 12276:2013
HB Brass Offset 3A1703Silver5kN10g6.0 / 8.5mmEN 12276:2013
HB Brass Offset 4A1704Purple7kN14g7.5 / 10.2mmEN 12276:2013
HB Brass Offset 5A1705Green7kN17g8.6 / 11.7mmEN 12276:2013
HB Brass Offset 6A1706Silver10kN24g9.8 / 13.9mmEN 12276:2013
HB Brass Offset Set 0-6A1700/06Assorted2 - 10kN85g3.7 - 13.9mmEN 12276:2013
Brass Offsets often fit perfectly in shallow flares where most other stoppers would barely hold body weight. Supertopo