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The Rhino's horn prevents belay devices from working their way round the top bar and onto the spine, minimising the chance of cross-loading. The round top bar gives smooth and predictable rope control, while the flat bottom sits well in belay loops, encouraging the Rhino to load in its strongest orientation.

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Belay carabiners give smooth and confident belaying with tube and assisted braking belay devices. They have full section top bars for consistent rope control and reduced rope wear. Their shape resists flipping into sub-optimal orientations when belaying, acting to ensure the carabiner loads along its strongest axis.
Product NameProduct CodeColourDimensionsWeightMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)Gate Opening (X)Certification
Rhino ScrewgateA542Titanium/Lime75 x 100mm73g27kN9kN7kN20mmEN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 B & H
Rhino KwiklockA543Titanium/Red75 x 100mm81g27kN9kN7kN19mmEN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 B & H
Rhino LocksafeA547Titanium/Green75 x 100mm81g27kN9kN7kN19mmEN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:2013 B & H

Introducing the Rhino

Rhino product features

An overview of the features and benefits of the Rhino HMS carabiner.