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The Vixen is a comfortable and durable all-round climbing harness. Generous amounts of padding provide support, and feature a mesh fabric for breathability. Fully adjustable waist and leg loops allow you to fit the Vixen over any layering system for all season capability. A floating waistbelt keeps the padding and gear loops centralised, giving further adjustability and keeping gear within easy reach.

Five gear loops give enough racking for sport or trad climbing, while two Vault slots accommodate winter racking for pure ice protection.

For long mountain trad pitches to multi day mountain epics, the Vixen keeps you secure and comfortable.

Harness packs contain a harness, chalk bag, chalk ball, belay device and locking carabiner.

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All-round harnesses are highly supportive, comfortable, and fully featured. They have extensive racking options for summer and winter climbing, and are effective in summer and winter environments.
Product NameProduct CodeColourSizeWeightWaist (in)Waist (cm)Legs (in)Legs (cm)Certification
VixenHW104BL-XSLight BlueXS345g22-2757-6917-2043-52EN 12277:2015 Type C
VixenHW104BL-SLight BlueS360g24-2861-7119-2247-56EN 12277:2015 Type C
VixenHW104BL-MLight BlueM370g26-3166-8021-2453-62EN 12277:2015 Type C
VixenHW104BL-LLight BlueL410g30-3675-9123-2658-67EN 12277:2015 Type C
Vixen PackHW104PKBL-XSLight BlueXS PackTBC22-2757-6917-2043-52EN 12277:2015 Type C
Vixen PackHW104PKBL-SLight BlueS PackTBC24-2861-7119-2247-56EN 12277:2015 Type C
Vixen PackHW104PKBL-MLight BlueM PackTBC26-3166-8021-2453-62EN 12277:2015 Type C
Vixen PackHW104PKBL-LLight BlueL PackTBC30-3675-9123-2658-67EN 12277:2015 Type C

Vixen product features

An overview of the features and benefits of the Vixen harness.

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