Super Couloir

The Super Couloir features webbing construction for minimal weight and pack size, making it ideal for activities where space and weight are critical. The leg loops can be secured with your feet on the ground, making the Super Couloir easy to use while wearing crampons or skis. Five gear loops and racking strips that create room for up to eight Vaults allow racking for the longest Alpine and pure ice pitches, while full strength webbing makes the Super Couloir both lightweight and strong.

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Webbing harnesses are simple, light, and give a broad range of fit. They are ideal for climbing walls and outdoor centres. They also perform well in Alpine and scrambling environments, where low weight and small pack size are crucial.
Product NameProduct CodeColourSizeWaist (cm)Waist (in)Legs (cm)Legs (in)WeightCertification
Super CouloirCOUL-SBlackS68 - 9027 - 3550 - 5520 - 22340gEN 12277:2015 C
Super CouloirCOUL-MBlackM79 - 10031 - 3960 - 7024 - 28350gEN 12277:2015 C
Super CouloirCOUL-LBlackL90 - 11435 - 4565 -7526 - 30385gEN 12277:2015 C
Super CouloirCOUL-XLBlackXL100 - 13039 - 5170 - 8028 - 31395gEN 12277:2015 C
    • Mithril
    • Puma
    • Renegade
    • Vault Wire Gate