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Men's DMM T-shirt

A men’s classic 100% combed organic cotton T-shirt with a small DMM logo on the front and a larger ‘Climb Now Work Later’ logo on the back.

For a bit of quirky fun, we’ve added a subtle hem tab with a kilonewton (kN) strength rating, just like the ones you find on our slings. Only this time it’s 0kN, instead of the 22kN rating of our 8mm Dynatec slings.

Available in three different colourways to help you stand out in your climbing photographs, they are certified to carry Carbon Reduction and Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) labels. All part of an effort to reduce negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

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Product NameProduct CodeColourSize
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2RD-SRedS
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2RD-MRedM
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2RD-LRedL
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2RD-XLRedXL
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2BL-SBright BlueS
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2BL-MBright BlueM
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2BL-LBright BlueL
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2BL-XLBright BlueXL
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2YL-SYellowS
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2YL-MYellowM
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2YL-LYellowL
Men's DMM T-shirtSM2YL-XLYellowXL