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From big walls to shopping malls, the WallDO is an offset oval wiregate that has versatility and style in abundance. It has been developed as a do it all workhorse – a carabiner that will perform in any role you can throw at it.

The large, shallow baskets provide a similar performance to an oval, while maintaining a bias towards the back of the carabiner to increase strength. Webbing sits comfortably at either end and they work as well with etriers and haul bags as they do on backpack straps. They can accommodate multiple connection points, allow efficient racking of wires and are suitable for use in all conditions from summer trad to winter epics.

With a large gate opening and narrow nose the WallDO can be clipped into anything from complicated anchors to tiny pegs. A massive range of colour options make it easy to distinguish gear, or to match your harness or water bottle.

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Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightDimensionsMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)Gate OpeningConformance
WallDO WiregateA408BLBlue37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408GRGreen37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408LGLime37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408MGMatt Grey37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408OROrange37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408PKPink37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408PRPurple37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408RDRed37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013
WallDO WiregateA408TQTurquoise37g56mm x 97mm23kN9kN7kN25mmEN12275:2013