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The Phantom is a highly focussed lightweight climbing carabiner. I-Beam construction improves the strength to weight ratio, a minimised gate notch reduces snagging, and sound fundamental design encourages correct loading. The Phantom can be used on lightweight quickdraws, to rack gear, or to hold essentials like nut keys.

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These carabiners are ideal for building a lightweight rack, whether it’s for fast and light alpine ascents or trad onsight success.
Product NameProduct CodeColourMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)DimensionsWeightGate Opening (X)Certification
PhantomA318Silver23kN7kN9kN52 x 89mm28g21mmEN 12275:2013 B
PhantomA318BLTTitanium23kN7kN9kN52 x 89mm28g21mmEN 12275:2013 B
Phantom Colour - 5 PackA318-P5Assorted140gEN 12275:2013 B
PhantomA318BLBlue23kN7kN9kN52 x 89mm28g21mmEN 12275:2013 B
PhantomA318GLGold23kN7kN9kN52 x 89mm28g21mmEN 12275:2013 B
PhantomA318GRGreen23kN7kN9kN52 x 89mm28g21mmEN 12275:2013 B
PhantomA318PRPurple23kN7kN9kN52 x 89mm28g21mmEN 12275:2013 B
PhantomA318RDRed23kN7kN9kN52 x 89mm28g21mmEN 12275:2013 B
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