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The Chimera is suited to fast and light climbs where there can be no compromise in weight or security.

Its lightweight body is complimented by a clean nose that guards against accidental opening or snagging. Security is enhanced by 9kN open gate and 23kN major axis strengths.

When pushing your limits on an alpine climb or a tough trad onsight, the Chimera is the ideal carabiner.

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These carabiners are ideal for building a lightweight rack, whether it’s for fast and light alpine ascents or trad onsight success.
Product NameProduct CodeColourMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)DimensionsWeightGate Opening (X)Certification
ChimeraA398Silver23kN7kN9kN53 x 90mm30g21mmEN12275:2013 B
ChimeraA398BLTTitanium23kN7kN9kN53 x 90mm30g21mmEN12275:2013 B
Chimera Colour - 5 PackA398-P5Assorted150gEN12275:2013 B
ChimeraA398BLBlue23kN7kN9kN53 x 90mm30g21mmEN12275:2013 B
ChimeraA398GDGold23kN7kN9kN53 x 90mm30g21mmEN12275:2013 B
ChimeraA398GRGreen23kN7kN9kN53 x 90mm30g21mmEN12275:2013 B
ChimeraA398PRPurple23kN7kN9kN53 x 90mm30g21mmEN12275:2013 B
ChimeraA398RDRed23kN7kN9kN53 x 90mm30g21mmEN12275:2013 B
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