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Alpha Trad

The Alpha gives positive handling and easy clipping, with grooves on the spine to provide extra grip. Deep rope baskets help seat gear and ropes, and encourage loading along the Alpha’s strongest axis.

A clean nose helps prevent snagging and accidental gate opening. Superb ergonomics and safe design mean the Alpha excels in any climbing environment.

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All-round carabiners can be used across trad, sport, or winter climbing. They are full sized for ease of handling, while I-Beam construction and wire gates keep weight low. If you want one type of carabiner to cover all your climbing needs, you need an all-rounder.
Product NameProduct CodeColourMBS (Major Axis)MBS (Minor Axis)MBS (Gate Open)DimensionsWeightGate Opening (X)Certification
Alpha TradA508Silver24kN7kN9kN59 x 99mm35g25mmEN12275:2013 B
Alpha TradA508BLTTitanium24kN7kN9kN59 x 99mm35g25mmEN12275:2013 B
Alpha Trad Colour - 5 PackA508-P5Assorted175gEN12275:2013 B
Alpha TradA508BLBlue24kN7kN9kN59 x 99mm35g25mmEN12275:2013 B
Alpha TradA508GLGold24kN7kN9kN59 x 99mm35g25mmEN12275:2013 B
Alpha TradA508GRGreen24kN7kN9kN59 x 99mm35g25mmEN12275:2013 B
Alpha TradA508PRPurple24kN7kN9kN59 x 99mm35g25mmEN12275:2013 B
Alpha TradA508RDRed24kN7kN9kN59 x 99mm35g25mmEN12275:2013 B

Alpha Trad product features

An overview of the features and benefits of the Alpha Trad carabiner.

The wire gate is cunningly designed, with an asymmetrical and quite complex set of curves on each side of the loop that balance ease of opening neatly against a crisp spring closure. UKC
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