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The Mantis is incredibly light at just 45 grams.

Despite its low weight, the Mantis is a high performance belay device, giving confident control over ropes from 11mm down to a super skinny 7.3mm. Ideal for those looking for a single belay device for all their climbing activities.

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Hot forging and CNC technology is used to shape the internal structure of the device to give greater control over a wide range of ropes. This is especially evident when using modern, small diameter ropes.
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightRope DiameterCertification
MantisA1165OROrange45gHalf/Twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | Single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2:2012
MantisA1165PRPurple45gHalf/Twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | Single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2:2012
MantisA1165BLTTitanium45gHalf/Twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | Single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2:2012
Mantis/Ceros SetA1165OR/562Orange/Titanium131gHalf/Twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | Single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2:2012
Mantis/Ceros SetA1165PR/562Purple/Titanium131gHalf/Twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | Single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2:2012
Mantis/Ceros SetA1165BLT/562Titanium131gHalf/Twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | Single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2:2012
A few grams here or there may not sound like much in the scheme of things, but it soon adds up, and anyone who is making an effort to reduce the weight of their hardware is going to appreciate the lengths DMM have gone to here. UKC
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