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Equally at home on the crag, as it is down the gym, the Beetle is ideally suited to making the transition from indoors to trad climbing outside. The carefully considered internal geometry with its holding power and smooth rope control inspires confident belaying, lowering and abseiling. Suitable for intensive commercial use.

It is compatible with a wide range of rope diameters, from skinny half-ropes to the thicker single ropes used for bottom roping at climbing walls.

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For greater and confidence inspiring control over a wide variety of rope diameters when belaying, lowering and abseiling.
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightRope DiameterCertification
BeetleA1175BLTBLT54ghalf/twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2
BeetleA1175BLBlue54ghalf/twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2
BeetleA1175RDRed54ghalf/twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2
Beetle/Belay Master 2 SetA1175BLT/872BLT147ghalf/twin: 7.3mm-9.2mm | single: 8.5mm-11mmEN15151-2, EN 362:2004 B, EN 12275:1998 B & H
    • Belay Master 2
    • Ceros
    • Mantis
    • Pivot