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Adirondack ice

22 January, 2016

Nick Bullock is on a DMM tour of north-east USA ice-festivals. Starting in Adirondack he picked his way up Ice Storm (NEI 5+ M6) on his second day out.

Grand Pilier d'Angle

30 October, 2014

Lovely video by Keith Ball featuring his ascent of the Grand Pilier d'Angle (4243 m), on the south side of Mont Blanc, with Nick Bullock and Tim Neill this summer.

Box of Blood E7 6b

22 May, 2014

Nick Bullock made the most of this week's promised one day of good weather by getting even with Leigh McGinley's Box of Blood (E7 6b) at Craig Dorys on the Lleyn Peninsula.

Crème de Violette (IX/9) by mistake

11 February, 2014

Nick Bullock reports that he has climbed his best route so far this winter… by mistake. In the process, Nick writes that himself and Tim Neill added two new pitches as a direct on the established climb Bruised Violet.

Bullock and Boswell tearing it up in Canada

18 November, 2013

If you haven't picked up on it yet, Nick Bullock and Greg Boswell are making quite an impression out in the Canadian Rockies.

"Ascent of the winter" for Bullock and Robertson

14 March, 2013

Described as "the ascent of the winter" by Simon Richardson, Nick Bullock's and Guy Robertson's first ascent of Nevermore (X,10) raises the bar for Scottish onsight winter climbing.

Reflections on the Slovak Direct

21 July, 2012

Nick Bullock has had three weeks since getting back from Alaska to reflect on his and Andy Houseman's ascent of the Slovak Direct. Looking back how does he feel about the experience?

Switching axes in Canada

18 March, 2012

Nick Bullock and DMM's Rob Greenwood are out in the Canadian Rockies putting the new top-of-the-range Switch ice axe through its paces, on routes such as the sustained and impressive No Use in Crying (IV M7) from 2008. Product development is grounded in good research and design but you'll only know if you've got it right after extensive field-testing and feedback.

Good times and big numbers

31 January, 2012

Recently, we've had a few texts from Nick Bullock in Scotland with some double figure roman numerals in them, so we thought we'd find out what he's been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Bullock F.A. VIII/10 on the Ben

17 December, 2011

Following a reception for 'Adventurers and Explorers' with The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh at the Palace, Nick Bullock headed up to Scotland and although "not warmed up yet" he's climbed a new VIII/10 on Ben Nevis.

Book deal for Nick Bullock

11 September, 2011

In 2003, Nick Bullock gave up his job as a PE Officer in the Prison Service to dedicate himself to climbing. Having now signed a book deal with Vertebrate Publishing covering his life and adventures up to that point, he's going to be busy spending his rest days writing over the next few months.

Dorys E9 tour de force repeated

02 September, 2011

"The bottom wall is not a place to stop and consider what you're doing" said Nick Bullock after making the second ascent of Haston's Melody at Craig Dorys on the Lleyn Peninsula.

Summer crop of routes from Bullock

17 August, 2011

If you were to judge Nick Bullock by the names he has given four new routes recently, including an E7 6c, you'd reckon he had been reading too much Lewis Carroll in-between listening to Johnny Cash.

The Trumpet Slappers E7 6c repeated

14 July, 2011

Nick Bullock described the second ascent of Trumpet Slappers E7 6c in the Llanberis Pass as: "Amazing climbing, all really pumpy and physical with lots of back-hands and side-pulls."

Outcome on Kyashar

16 May, 2011

Nick Bullock and Andy Houseman will soon be returning to the UK having been unable to get on the South Pillar of Kyashar because of too much snow and it was the unconsolidated 'white stuff' that also thwarted their attempt on its West Ridge. After being away for over a month without success it's no wonder Nick Bullock is in a reflective mood on his return to Kathmandu.

Godzilla (IX,8) - A monster outing

16 March, 2011

Nick Bullock has finally got himself a blog that doesn't run out of bandwidth all the time and he's been having plenty of adventures to post about on it. His latest being a new mega-route with Pete Benson and Guy Robertson on one of Scotland's most fearsome winter cliffs, Beinn Bhan, Applecross.