Legoland: Valle Dell'Orco

17 September, 2015
Chris Igel versus the Legoland splitter roof crack in Valle Dell'Orco. Dubbed the little sister of Yosemite's famous Separate Reality, it's described by Chris, as being: "Just a little bit shorter and less impressive, yet pretty cool and an awesome crack adventure."

Although Chris blew the onsight it got it next go. Chris said: "Grade wise the guide book suggests 7b/7b+ with some people saying its harder, some softer, varying from 7a to 8a! I'd say its a little bit easier than Separate Reality, with a very similar character as there is a hard move at the end. But then again that is rated 5.12a which corresponds to 7a+. In contrast to Seperate Reality you can't run this one out, as you're constantly climbing only a few metres above the floor of the recess."