Cutting Edge CNC Technology

13 October, 2014

Mazak Nexus CNC
There was a great deal of excitement in DMM's CNC (computer numerical control) machine facility last week with the arrival of a new machine from Japan. The Mazak Horizontal Centre Nexus 4000-III CNC machine will dramatically increase DMM's capacity for the precision machining of forged components and is described on Mazak's website as: “Designed to provide unsurpassed performance, productivity, accuracy and reliability.”

Weighing 10.8 tonnes it was delivered on a Russell Machinery Transport trailer with an escort car and will be up and running in three weeks although it'll be a six month project before it is working flat-out. A Palletech System - automated pallet loader - that can handle 400 kg loads will be added in the near future.

DMM's Technical Director, Fred Hall, said: "We've got to make the tooling and write the programs that run the machine. To start with we'll get it to CNC one thousand Switch handles. Once everything is sorted this beast will double DMM's capacity."

Fred added: "This Mazak machine will take our manufacturing technology to a whole new level. If this is the Starship Enterprise then we have a Captain Kirk in our CNC manager, Michael Fahy. He previously operated these machines at Mercedes-AMG making Formula 1 engines."

Mazda Nexus 4000 CNC