Carabiners join the Internet of Things

10 November, 2015

Carabiners joined the Internet of Things (IoT) at the recent international trade fair for health and safety at work, A+A, Düsseldorf. In a first, DMM demonstrated RFID (radio frequency identification) technology integrated into a metal product with a form factor as small as a biner, without any compromise in strength or ergonomics.

A tag with a built-in microchip fitted into the carabiner gate can be read with an easy-to-use reader that connects to your device (computer, mobile etc.) via bluetooth. The information received by the reader and delivered in a digital form to your device can result in an action as simple as the product serial number being automatically typed where the device cursor is flashing. The short clip below makes it all clear.

This innovation has the advantages of reducing inspection time and increasing the accuracy of recorded information. It's an indelible ID that combined with safety management software gives enhanced traceability.

DMM’s iD technology is also available built into textiles, such as ropes and slings, plus a range of devices and rigging products.

Although the advantages for climbing walls and outdoor centres, where equipment is regularly inspected are clear, the possibilities for recreational climbers are only now being explored. Being able to easily keep a record of your rack, open user instructions or additional information with the reader are just a few potential uses. As the 'interconnectedness of things' becomes a part of everyday life there's no reason to think climbing equipment will be any different.

More details of DMM iD technology can be found in the downloadable pdf info sheet at the foot of this page.