Tie in with DMM's new rope range

26 March, 2017
New Rope Range
New Rope Range

DMM has introduced a new range of dynamic climbing ropes covering all activities, from indoor training, sport and trad climbing, to the most demanding alpine style ascents.

All of the ropes feature our ThermoControl heat treatment, which gives them their suppleness, durability and great handling characteristics. Ropes with the UIAA Dry marking meet the UIAA water repellency standard introduced in 2014.

Different objectives call for different rope qualities and each one in the range has the optimum specification for its intended use.

For all-season use the Pitch 8.5 mm is the ideal half rope on the crags or in the mountains. If you're looking to save weight winter climbing or in the Alps, then the lightweight Couloir 8.00 mm half rope will suit your need.

The Orbit 9.6 mm is our do-it-all single rope, at home on sea-cliffs, ice-falls or sport climbing, while the Zone 9.8 mm is a durable single workhorse rope for sport and trad climbing.

DMM's skinniest single rope, the Crux 9.1 mm, comes with the versatility of triple certification: meaning it can be used in a half, single or twin rope system.

The Crux is a four-season all terrain rope, suited to performance sport climbing for crucial redpoints where every gram counts and long mountain days when you're looking to keep weight to a minimum. Guides and instructors will welcome their multi-purpose flexibility and the two colourways prevent any confusion with clients.

If you're looking for a rope ideally suited to wall use, or for a first rope, then look no further than the Statement 10.00 mm, offering durability without sacrificing handling.

Visit the product pages for specifications and a look at the complete range of ropes.