Evolution of the Dragon Cam

02 March, 2016
Dragon Cam with TripleGrip

The latest evolution of the Dragon Cam makes the most of every placement. Based on the original concept of the dual axle, single stem design with 13.75° cam angle and extendable sling, the most striking change is to the lobes: featuring a raw aluminium contact area for greater friction together with added bite points.

Tripling the number of pronounced edges increases the 'bite' on crystals and micro-features in the rock. The overall result of the TripleGrip surface is greater holding power and less chance of the cam 'walking' into a crack.

Additional material has also been added to the lobes to increase their torsional rigidity while maintaining the compact head width. Keeping the same high-strength pedigree as their predecessors the new Dragons have a 14 kN rating (size 1 and upwards). The neatly designed two aperture thumb press for the extendable sling has improved ergonomics for secure handling.

Take a look at our interactive Dragon Cam mini-site to fully explore its features and find out more.

A downloadable (pdf) product information sheet is also available.

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