New products and updates at OutDoor

DMM | 15 June, 2018

At the traditional outdoor industry gathering that is the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen, DMM will be announcing several exciting new products and updates.

A product that has been high up on everyone’s wish list is micro cams. The advent of Dragonfly Cams makes that wish come true. Six colour coded units cover placements from 7.4 - 28.3mm. Production of the size 1 Dragonfly is a notable achievement as the smallest certified climbing cam.

This versatile protection for narrow cracks and small pockets use the same proven 13.75° camming angle as Dragons – the optimum combination of holding power and range. These single axle cams with a flexible stem feature a narrow head width and compact trigger bar to allow full-depth placements.

The extendable 11mm Dynatec sling on the thumb loop has a compact stitching pattern allowing the user to clip either strand. TripleGrip lobes with a ‘raw alu’ finish and grooves to increase surface texture interaction boost the holding power.

Dragonfly Cams will be available in spring 2019.

Dragonfly Cam size 2
Trance harness

Given DMM’s heritage in carabiner manufacture it’ll come as no surprise that they’re introducing a new extremely compact and lightweight HMS biner that is ideally suited to belaying and rigging. Use of an extra-short gate maintains the proportions and means it can take two clove hitches with ease.

The optimised round rope bearing surface makes for smooth paying-out and taking-in while being kind to ropes. Paired with another new product, the Captiv8, the Phantom HMS is the world’s lightest directional belay carabiner.

The Captiv8 is an unobtrusive ‘strap and clip’ for DMM's aluminium screwgate range (new gate type) to promote the correct carabiner orientation. A template allows the user to trim the Captiv8 to fit the chosen model of biner.

Download the Phantom HMS & Captiv8 product information sheet. Both will be available in spring 2019.

The Trance is a lightweight unisex harness with a fixed leg that will be available in the spring next year. The eye catching colourways are carried over into the range of wiregate quickdraws which have extensively been updated for the start of 2019.

They feature a satin finish with a matching colour edged 11mm Dynatec sling. The top carabiner, is either silver or titanium for quick identification of the protection clipping end of the draw. The popular Alpha Trad and Spectre quickdraws also have the option of length by colour for easy differentiation.

In the sport quickdraw range, the Alpha Hybrid and Shadow/Spectre Hybrid, have been introduced for when weight saving is at a premium.

Winter climbers will welcome the ease of being able to place DMM’s new Wired Torque Nuts above their head.

You’ll find further details and the technical specifications for the entire range, with ‘new’ and ‘updated’ products clearly marked in the DMM Workbook 2019.