A winning partnership

05 February, 2012
Distrupol DMM Plastics Award

The collaborative efforts of Distrupol and DMM, in finding a plastic to meet the requirements for use with the Dragon Cam, were recognised when they were selected as winners at The Plastics Industry Awards, towards the end of 2011.

Distrupol's John Nugent and Matthew Norman, who were at the gala ceremony to collect the trophy, as winners of the 'Supplier Partnership: Polymer Distributor' category, brought the award with them last Friday to show DMM.

John Nugent, said: "It was great to see the partnership recognised and pleasing to see a product designed and manufactured in North Wales showcased on a national stage."

Distrupol, as one of the U.K.'s leading plastic distributors, worked with DMM to source a plastic that fitted the requirements for the trigger and stem covering, used in DMM's light-weight, single-stem, dual axle Dragon Cams.

It had to be high-strength, cut-resistant and durable yet with minimum weight. The correct amount of flexibility was also a key consideration for the stem. Further, all the materials selected had to perform over the temperature range that might potentially be experienced in use from - 40°C to 50°C.


(from left): Matthew Norman (Distrupol), Fred Hall (DMM Technical Director), Elliot Tanner (DMM Design Manager), John Nugent (Distrupol) with the award at DMM in Llanberis.

DMM's Technical Director, Fred Hall, said: "We know an awful lot about metal but in choosing the right plastic we needed the fantastic technical back-up of the guys from Distrupol. A great deal of thought goes into every component of a piece of equipment where people's lives may depend on it."

From the thousands of grades of nylon out there it came down to a particular type of Zytel ®. Distrupol offered recommendations in particular relating to wall thickness of the parts and suggesting the conditioning of materials post-production to optimise polymer flexibility and durability.

The short video clip below gives you an insight into the design, tooling and manufacture of Dragon Cams. Fred Hall, commented: "Cams may look like simple devices but they are in fact very complicated."