14 million carabiners later for Gareth Hughes

22 December, 2011
DMM employee, Gareth Hughes, retiring after 24 years with the company.

Gareth Hughes is one of DMM's longest serving employee's, working in the machine shop since joining the company 24 years-ago. This January he'll be 65 years of age, so when the finishing bell rings for Christmas, it'll no doubt be a poignant moment for him, as he finishes drilling his last ever hinge-hole for a carabiner gate before taking retirement.

A colleague made a rough calculation that in Gareth's time, among all the other jobs he's done at DMM, he has drilled over 14 million carabiners.

Gareth started at Clog in 1980 where one of DMM's founders, Fred Hall, was working in the tool shop. Since joining DMM in 1988 Gareth has seen DMM grow to the point where it currently employs 150 people. He commented: "There are a lot more machines now. Every inch of space is used. Carabiners are also a lot jazzier nowadays and far more of them are anodised."

Gareth added: "The company have been good to me and I like the management style. They're not on your case all the time. You have a bit of freedom."

Gareth from the nearby village of Bethel is looking forward to doing more cycling and being able to get out walking in the mountains when the weather is good. An avid reader with a special interest in the Second World War, he hopes retirement will give him the chance to catch up on all those unread books he's got on his shelves.

Speaking on behalf of all of DMM's Directors, Fred Hall, said: "We really appreciate the years of service Gareth has given the company and wish him a long and very happy retirement."