Two 8b+'s for 12 year-old Jonathan Hörst

21 August, 2015

Fired up from a family trip to the Frankenjura in June, it wasn't long after getting home before the 12 year-old American climber, Jonathan Hörst, sent his third 8b+/5.14a, with a redpoint of Rodeo Free Europe at Wild Iris, Wyoming. Moving on to Utah in August, he climbed the American Fork Canyon classic, Dead Souls, to add a fourth 8b+ to his climbing CV. More details on the ascents over at Rock and Ice.

Jonathan climbed his first 8b+ as ten year-old. His brother, Cameron, who is two years older, managed his first 8c on their recent Frankenjura trip.

Their father, Eric Hörst, is perhaps unsurprisingly also an accomplished climber, as well as being a respected researcher and climbing coach, having written such books as the best-selling Training for Climbing, Maximum Climbing and How to Climb 5.12. Eric has plenty of interesting articles and training advice on his website Training4Climbing.

Eric shared his perspective on youth climbing and age appropriate training in an article in DMM's Highlights 2015/16 magazine which is available to download.