Do You Know..? 3rd ascent from Woodburn

25 August, 2011
Charlie Woodburn attempting Do you Know where your Children are? E8, Huntsman's Leap, Pembroke. © Emma Alsford

Charlie Woodburn has made the third ascent of James Pearson's impressive Do you Know where your Children are? in Huntsman's Leap at Pembroke. Charlie first tried it back in May when Neil Mawson repeated it, but a shoulder injury had kept him from returning until this month.

The route starts up the bold Black Lagoon before breaking left on to the scooped red wall and climbing it to join Dave Pickford's E8, Dusk Till Dawn.

Charlie said: "I've not been very fit recently because of the injury and so have mostly been sticking to climbing technical slabs. It felt good to get on something where you had to pull a little harder. The first weekend I went back and tried it I fell off because the stamina wasn't there, so returned to finish the job off a week later. I reckon it's a superb route and weighs in at about E8 6c or runout 7c+ in new money."

The grade assessment agrees with second ascentionist, Neil Mawson's account. James had thought the route possibly E9 and you can read his thoughts about the climb on his blog.

In June this year, Charlie got the second ascent of Dave Birkett's Once Upon a Time in the South West (E9 6c) a couple of days before Hazel Findlay at Dyers Lookout on Devon's culm coast, having in November 2010 made the fourth ascent of Walk of Life, another E9 6c, at the same crag.