Prize winning day out

24 April, 2014

Cotswold Outdoor at Castell Inn
While on a recent family holiday in north Wales, Timo Zheng took the opportunity to call-in to DMM and claim his prize for winning the 2013 BMC Youth Climbing Series (Youth B category - born in 1998).

Together with his parents and older brother, Daniel, they had a tour of the factory in the morning followed by Timo getting to choose some nice shiny kit from the warehouse.

After lunch Timo (photo right) and Daniel (lower photo) got the chance to use some of that new gear in the Llanberis Pass under the guidance of Mountain Guide Mark Walker.

Mark said: "Timo climbs 8a in the wall and had done a couple of leads outdoors. They, and their mum, were keen to develop trad strategies to stay safe. This was more for Timo really who had never been on multi-pitch routes, never abseiled off a route and only climbed under the supervision of his more experienced brother. He was pretty gripped with his first leads on the Grochan but both soon got into the swing of it with me alongside etc."

He added: "Phantom Rib (VS) and Spectre (HVS) aren't super-sexy routes for 8a heros but a pretty good learning environment for them on the sharp end. It was all quite productive and good fun."

Timo's mum, Moira, said: "The boys really enjoyed seeing the factory and were surprised at how hands-on the forging is. They'll never look at a piece of gear in the same way again! Timo is definitely now kitted up and ready to do some serious outdoor climbing. In fact he's already working out how to make it back to Wales in the summer!"

Timo has moved up to Boys A category this year, winning the London and SE region with the National Grand Final at EICA coming up on the 28th June.

Daniel Zheng Llanberis Pass

Thanks to Mark Walker for the photos.